Project management:

Intercer is associated with Management Institutions of the European Union, and can manage the financing or repayable grant from the European Union for projects involving Intercer.

The European Union publishes each year its priority areas of development and creates specific programs to finance / subsidize projects anywhere in the world.

Characteristics of projects that can be managed in the European Union Intercer,  to obtain grants:

. Social projects (which help the development of a country, economic, social, technological).

· Requirements:

- Defined project (no draft nor a project proposal).

- Involvement of public administration of the country where the project will develop.

- Area of health or social development: education, consumer protection, environmental protection, humanitarian aid.

- Implementation project for European Company.

Funding is governed by strict rules: it is to closely monitor the use of funds and ensure that they spend in a transparent and responsible manner

Public projects:

- Defined projects (100%). No bid.

- Available land, licenses, government approvals, etc.

- The applicant: the Sovereign State, or public administration or public institution linked to the state.

- Any grant awarded, should be guaranteed by the State, in order to ensure that funds are used for approved project (can not be deviations).

- Projects must have European partner (company or public administration) and European company involved in the development and construction of the project.

Private projects:

- Agreement between private Company fron anywhere and European private company.

- Project partner health or medical interest.

- Project largely defined (and permits, land, etc. available).

- Applicant company must be involved / associated with European company for the project, and must present a guarantee for fund management (insurance coverage to ensure no diversion of funds, etc. Each case will be analyzed in , since there is possibility that the applicant company will be European Company and run the project in the country of destination). In all cases, an endorsement of the project (insurance coverage of the subsidy to be analyzed for each case) would be requested.

- Agreement between private enterprise and public service of his country, to ensure the implementation of the project. It must ensure that they have all permits and licenses required to implement the project.

- Involvement of public administration in the project, so that is not a lock and ensures its execution
Project management:

Types of assistance from the European Union:

Grants for specific projects, which is generally granted after publication of a "Call for proposals".

The funding comes from the EU and partly from other sources.

Public procurement contracts for goods, services or works for institutions and EU programs can run.

Contracts are awarded by tender (procurement) and cover various fields: studies, technical assistance and training, consultancy, conferences, purchases of computer equipment, etc.

Financing at preferential interest and shortcomings.
General conditions of access to aid from the European Union:

Financing: interest rates (to be confirmed for each project and each program) 1 to 5%, with repayment periods up to 10 years and deprivation (depending on program, project and conditions that mark the European Union), always depend on the program defining specific to UnioN, Intercer seeking its specialized partners, the program that best suits the project requested.

Funding must have guarantees. The guarantees are intended that the money will not be spent on anything other than the approved project.

Neither grant funding should not exceed 60%, so the administration or applicant company must put finance / remaining capital.
Intercer process obtaining funding or grants from the European Union:

Identify the client.

· Customer is defined for project implementation (although this is not awarded, must be defined and have permission from public administrations to licitarlo and performance).

. Client sends project / presentation by Intercer of the available program for Union verification.

· Client issues a letter to Intercer or your partner, to authorize him to arrange.

· If the Union response is positive, contract formalized project management, ensuring execution, signing an agreement with Intercer or European company that is designated for that purpose.


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