Our pharmaceutical services are dedicated to help you to overcome the challenges of drug development and manufacturing.

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The quality and technical requirements for medical facilities and equipment are becoming stricter all the time. We can keep your company in tune with day-to-day requirements.

Strategically using certifications

With the INTERCER services, pharmaceutical industry can benefit from the advantages of certification as per ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 – as quality and competence in pharmaceutical industry are important competitive advantages.

Certification represents a strategic decision for pharmaceutical industry and secures them competitive advantages within the regional and the international markets. The introduction and certification of a quality management system offers the possibility of optimally increase potential with regards to management organisation, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Existing cooperations are secured and access to future cooperations with partners and other service providers within the health sector is also made easier.

The audit is carried out by our experts with extensive industry experience – therefore, they speak the language of our customers.

Existing quality, environmental and occupational safety management systems, etc., can be combined.
Regulatory and Toxicology Consulting

From discovery to commercialisation, our pharmaceutical regulatory consultants provide a fast-track and cost-effective approach to allow you to gain market access for products and comply with global regulations.

GMP and CMC Laboratory Services

We also provide regulatory-driven, phase-appropriate laboratory services in support of CMC programs seeing you through preformulation, formulation and product release.
Our capabilities include method development and validation, analysis, stability studies, extractables and leachables, GMP quality control testing and GMP batch release testing. Our team have specialized expertise for drug product development.

Bioanalysis Services

During preclinical and clinical development, our biomarker and bioanalysis experts design and manage strategic work programs. 

Our expertise and industry insight aims to supply the answers you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pharmaceutical Auditing

Our pharmaceutical auditing and management services give you a transparent view of your supply chain. Through our shared audit programs, delivered by our global network of specialist auditors, you can benefit from fast implementation, easier access to audit sites and potential cost savings.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Support

Expert cleanroom services, equipment calibration and on-site inspections can help your manufacturing to increase efficiency and meet safety and compliance goals, while our cost-effective eLearning modules will equip your staff with essential information on the latest in quality and compliance.

Manufacturing support  expertise includes problem solving analysis, pharmaceutical supply chain surveillance for counterfeit medicines, medicine analysis and materials science knowledge.




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